Their performance instantly outstrips expectation

In June 2016, Cape Town had its first glimpse of the alt-rock trio, Caelo. Influenced by rock legends Muse, Royal Blood and Biffy Clyro, Caelo soared from obscurity to local popularity within weeks of their debut performance. The inception of Caelo occurred within a moment of immeasurable inspiration during a Biffy Clyro show the now-frontman of Caelo, Joel, attended two years earlier. Texx and The City has labelled them an “undeniably talented outfit”, while, according to All Punked Up, Caelo is “definitely worth some headbanging”. 

That September, the group launched All You Need. Marked by a distinct blend of grunge-pop and alternative-rock sounds, one critic called it a “song [that] truly defines a positive direction for the band to work toward”.

One year later, Caelo is preparing to launch Visions, the band’s debut EP, Visions in early September 2017. Music, according to the band, is a means of self-actualising. Song-writing is not just an expressive exercise, but a way of engaging, of asking tough questions. Visions is a consolidation of the band’s early months of hard work, and the trio looks forward to new prospects for the future. 

Joel, Mike and Mat are rehearsing for a series of upcoming performances to support their EP. The live show is the crux of their act. According to Texx and the City, “Their live performance instantly outstrips expectation.”

“Give a young South African alternative rock band a chance to show you who they are, and you may be pleasantly surprised.” - All Punked Up.


Vocals, Guitar / Joel Bronner
Bass, Backing Vocals / Mat Winfield
Drums, Backing Vocals / Michael Dickens



Visions - EP

"The band’s growth truly shines through in their EP" - All Punked UP


All You Need - Debut Single

"...definitely worth some headbanging." - All Punked Up, full story here






"Their performance instantly outstrips expectation..." - Texx and the City, full story here.


"...they're gonna be bothering stadiums soon." - Soundsphere Magazine, Full story here


"...this one song truly defines a positive direction for the band to work toward, and I can't wait to be head banging to them much longer." - All Punked Up, full review here.


"Caelo stands as an undeniably talented outfit..." - Texx and the City, full review here


"...marks the arrival of a hugely talented new rock band." - Maximum Volume, full story here


"...they are force to be reckoned... Their live performance is something special; the songs hit hard and they curate the set perfectly for the crowd, they know what you want, and therefore they are something to keep your eye out for." - Assembly Radio, full story here.





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