introducing caelo

Their performance instantly outstrips expectation...
— Marike Watson, Texx And The City
Caelo Press Photo

Photography by Juliette Bisset



Caelo is an alternative rock three-piece based in Cape Town. The group formed in mid 2014.

The trio started as an experiment featuring Joel Bronner on guitar and Michael Dickens on drums. Both played among Cape Town’s finest rock acts. Upon joining, Mat Winfield, lead-guitarist turned bassist, brought Caelo the intensity needed to develop their unique style.

Caelo combines pace and harmony to produce gritty, runaway tunes. Emphasis on dynamics, tone and melody give them a sound fresh and memorable. Hard chords above a complex rhythm, topped with fuzz, make them a bold blend of sounds such as Muse, Biffy Clyro, Foo Fighters and Royal Blood. 



Vocals, Guitar / Joel Bronner

Bass, Backing Vocals / Mat Winfield

Drums, Backing Vocals / Michael Dickens